Investment & Pension Services

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Putting aside a regular amount of money during your working life is probably the best method to ensure that you will have sufficient income during your retirement. Investing into a Pension plan has historically been the most popular method of making these regular commitments. The tax advantages offered by the UK Government provide the opportunity for your Pension Fund to grow with virtually no tax. You are also currently allowed to draw a significant amount of your pension fund as a lump sum with no tax payable. (NB. The levels bases and relief's from taxation may be subject to change).

JFP Financial Services Ltd advisors are qualified by examination and experience to advise on pension planning pension transfers, opt-out, personal pension drawdown/phased retirement and annuities.

See JFP Financial Services Limited website or ring Andy Heywood on 01625 442800 for further information and to arrange a FREE, no obligation meeting.