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As leading edge accountants, we have developed the traditional bookkeeping, auditing and accounting services into innovative client-focused services that provide not only all the reliable background support you would expect from a professional firm but also forward- thinking advice on how to improve your situation. 

We have also developed a new range of services to meet the needs of modern businesses, including a comprehensive business advisory service. 

Whether you need help with growing your business or advice on optimising your personal or family finances, we are here to help you get the best results.

Business services


We offer an efficient service for all our clients, large or small.

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Where a limited company requires an audit, either by choice or legislation, it makes sound commercial sense that the audit should not merely satisfy the legal requirements, at a reasonable cost, but also provide other benefits to the company.

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Business planning

It is often said that, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

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Business startup

Most people who start up in business do so because they have a good business proposition and the enterprise and commitment to see it through, not because they are experts in the legal, financial and fiscal aspects of running a business.

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Business tax

Planning to minimise your tax liability is a fundamental part of this service.

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Corporate finance

Finance is the lifeblood of any business.

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Family and owner managed businesses

We specialise in the needs of the family and owner managed business (FOMB’s).

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Personal tax

In order to meet the great demand for specialist personal tax advice, we have developed one of the largest personal tax departments in the region.

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Small businesses

We recognise that small businesses have special needs and that a particular expertise is required to service small businesses properly.

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Retirement strategies

Everyone hopes to maintain the same standard of living in retirement as they presently enjoy while working, but to achieve this requires considerable forward planning.

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Cloud accounting

Payroll and bookkeeping

We can offer you a reliable and cost effective service, however complex.

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Value Added Tax is one of the most complex and onerous tax regimes imposed on businesses.

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Online services

We use online systems that allow you to access your business information securely through the web.

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We can provide advice and guidance on accounting software.

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Wealth management

Inheritance tax planning

Few of us like to think about dying, but equally few of us could live with the thought that we have not made adequate provision for family and friends who survive us.

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We can assist executors to carry out their duties.

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If you die without leaving a will, the rules of intestacy decide who will receive your assets.

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Life insurance and other protection arrangements

The future financial security of your family is something that needs careful planning.

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Investment business

Ensuring a secure financial future for yourself and your family is not something that can be left to chance.

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Most people recognise that it is wise to plan for their retirement.

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We can guide you through the whole process and provide you with all of the advice and support you will need.

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Specialist medical accountants

Medical professionals require greater knowledge and expertise which we aim to satisfy by providing a specialist and proactive service.

We are members of AISMA, the Association of Independent Specialist Medical Accountants, which is a natural network of independent firms of accountants who are specialists to the medical sector.

GP practices

We offer the complete range of accountancy services combining our specialist knowledge of the medical sector with first class financial advice. We are thus able to guide medical practitioners towards improved performance and profitability in tax efficient ways.

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Salaried GPs

We can advise on all tax and pension aspects relating to GPs in employment.

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General practice provider organisations

We can assist practices in a locality to join together and form a General Practice Provider Organisation to act as primary care providers and community role providers.

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Consultants and locums

Undertaking private consulting and locum work can cause additional tax burden which can be mitigated with appropriate advice.

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Our team provides support to pharmacies and GP dispensing practices and can advise on maximising profits and business initiatives.

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Care homes

As well as accounting advice we offer services specifically for Care Homes in a number of areas.

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Our service commitment

As a client of Josolyne & Co, we make the following commitments to you and your business.

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Medical newsletters

Seasonal updates focusing specifically to the needs of the medical profession.

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Over the years we have dealt with a considerable variety of businesses and have developed expertise in a number of specific trade and service types.

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